Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin

Great Sarah Palin article in the weekend edition of USA Today.

I especially enjoyed one of the comments:
People removed from middle America just don't seem to be able to
understand. When they sit around in their own circles and discuss things
they are sure everyone must agree with them because all of our friends do.
They forget, people in the largest inner cities are very different from
the rest of the country, and we are the majority.

Palin appeals to people because she represents them. Not necessarily
agreeing with all her positions, but overall the person herself. She
represents a citizen politician.

When you read something ridiculous the government does and you say, "If I
could be in charge for just a week, I would fix that place quick". She is
that person. She is the one that said, I can do better than the idiot in
charge. Then she ran for Governor and proved it.

The American public is in love with her and her folksy way and raw
outdoors feel. They love her can do attitude and lack of fear. They love
her family, especially because it has its own problems. They see her as
REAL. They know what she stands for, because they do too. They also know
standing for something doesn't make it always occur, because no matter how
they all tried, they had failures too. They like it that she is still
trying with all the normal problems. And when people pick on her, like
this article, they rally around like someone just picked on their family,
because they think she is.

It's going to be a fast finish from here. The Palin love affair cannot
wear out in 7 weeks time, and attacking it wont do any good. The people
that have fallen for her, have adopted her, and when someone attacks her,
they are attacking them. The biggest worry the democratic party should
have now, is, do they lose the Senate and the Congress as well, as the
love affair is a real one.

Also see coverage in the Peoria Journal Star.

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