Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama's Arugula, Shortbread and Honest Tea

Marketwatch (and others) report that delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be welcomed with special treats:

Among the many special features and amenities awaiting guests at the 600-room hotel are shortbread cookies at turndown made from one of Mrs. Obama's favorite recipes, and bottles of "Honest Tea," a cooling beverage Senator Obama enjoys on the campaign trail.

Okay, now I enjoy shortbread as much as anybody and I'm sure Honest Tea is delicious, but are these the kind of treats enjoyed by regular Americans? Barack Obama showed how out of touch he was with America when he asked an audience of Iowa farmers, "Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?”

And now Mr. Obama is offering guests to his convention shortbread and Honest Tea. Shortbread is definitely European, Scottish to be exact, and is the kind of cookie you find in gourmet stores like Dean and Deluca. It's not what you find at the local supermarket. As for Honest Tea, here's the description:

Honest Tea stands for real tea and real taste. Each Honest Tea flavor is brewed based on a recipe perfected over generations in a specific region of the world. As a result, a drink of Honest Tea becomes a cultural experience, from the genuine tastes to the distinctive international art and quotations on the labels. Honest Tea allows people to enjoy the world's second most popular drink the way hundreds of civilizations and nature intended it to be. Tea that tastes like tea -- A world of flavor freshly brewed and barely sweetened.

And no, it's not 50 cents a bottle.

I'm sure the Honest Tea and the gourmet shortbread is going to be a big hit with the wine, cheese and granola liberals that run the DNC from their conclaves in San Francisco, etc. and who are attending the convention, but this isn't going to fly so well with the middle Americans in the swing states whose votes he really needs.

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