Thursday, January 10, 2008

Huckabee supporters meet million-dollar goal

With 50 minutes left to midnight, supporters raised $1,000,000 for Mike Huckabee in 10 days, with more than a thousand new donors coming in on the last day.

If this is less than what the other campaigns can do, put it into perspective: Romney and Giuliani have Wall Street backing them, Ron Paul has Silicon Valley. Mike Huckabee, who depends on the support of regular Americans, is never going to raise more than these guys, but he'll raise enough, as he showed last night. And when all the votes are counted and the delegates tallied, the nomination of Mike Huckabee will go down in history as the day that "We the people" decided who our candidate and our president would be, not the moneyed elite or the beltway establishment.

Go Huckabee!

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